What’s the deal with 347V Corn Lamps?

Many of you may have noticed the arrival and promotion of 347V LED corn lamps in the Canadian marketplace.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware that these do not meet Canadian industry standards. It is our experience that the Electrical Safety Authority and CSA will not allow 347V direct connection to any lamp holder.

What’s the solution?

Step-down Transformers! At CSC LED, we stock a wide variety of inexpensive and compact 347-240V step-down transformers that are specifically engineered and approved for this type of application. Our transformers take seconds to install in the place of a ballast and meet all applicable electrical codes.

This work around also works great with DLC listed flat panels. Contact info@csc-led.com for more information. We would be happy to help you with application/sizing.


transformer wordpresstransformer 2 wordpress.jpg


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